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"Timur Sergeyenia - a powerful force of nature…"

Courrier Francaise, France

The Pianist, which has no limit technique ..."

Walliser Bote, Switzerland


"Musical climbing Everest"..., Romania.  

"Creator of music"

La Libre Belgique, Belgium


"Extraordinary  pianist"

Monaco-Matin, Monaco

"Interpretation, which you can only dream about...!"

Le Figaro, France

"Sensation of the festival"

Nice-Matin, France

"Triumph of magic virtuoso"

Le Bergerac, France

"A triumphant finale! Fantastic pianist!"  

La Marseillaise, France


"Triumph of the Beethoven Fourth Concert"

Westdeutsche Zeitung, Germany

"The triumphant opening of Schumann´s cycle!

The extraordinary performance of Schumann´s Carnaval"

Rheinische Post, Germany

"Playing of Timur Sergeyenia in a film about Schumann allows us to see" the other side of the mirror ..."

Kultur in Bonn, Germany

"I listened with admiration
to your playing!"

Yehudi Menuhin

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